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Are your HR problems keeping you up at night?

Maybe you're feeling more and more frustrated because your employees are not doing what you want them to do, or behaving the way you want them to.

Maybe one of your employees is too valuable to fire. And there is also that other employee; the one that, deep down, you know you have to let go. And you just don't know how to go about it.

Maybe you have difficulties hiring great people. Or, you have no problem finding candidates, but they don't stick around for very long. And you don't understand why. 

Unfortunately, your HR problems are not going to disappear if you don't take action. 

They will actually become bigger and more unmanageable, and even more so if your company experiences growth.

Maybe you've worked with a Human Resources Consultant in the past, and they didn't deliver. Maybe you felt like you were just a number to them. Maybe you thought they didn't "get" you. 

At Skyscape Business Management Consulting, we work one on one with you and provide customized solutions. No cookie-cutter templates!

We bring a neutral, third-party perspective. We also don't believe in sugarcoating, because it's a disservice to you.

Here is what we can do to help you have the company you want and deserve: 

Complimentary HR Assessment: we provide an objective, third-party perspective on the current functioning of your processes. We help you identify your top HR gaps, opportunities and priorities. Contact us for your free HR check-up! 

HR Compliance: we ensure your organization is compliant with matters such as overtime pay, legislated leaves or workplace safety.

Recruitment: We seek out candidates with the specific attitude, behavior and skills that are required for each vacancy. We screen applications, conduce interviews and vet short-listed candidates. We also ensure your new hire signs off the contract and employee handbook before starting work.

Organizational Design: We help structure and design your organization for success. We offer a practical approach which outlines the functions, roles, and structures needed to align with your organizational objectives. We will work with you to clarify roles, coordinate functions, and increase collaboration. We also implement performance management tools.

Employee retention programs: we help you retain your most valuable resource: your employees. We create comprehensive compensation and benefits packages. We also perform employee surveys to obtain feedback on what is working, what is not, as well as measuring morale.

Employee relations: We assist you with difficult conversations or matters such as termination. We perform exit interviews and ensure the correct exit procedures are in place. We also ensure your new hires have the right tools to start their journey with your company. 

Business Audit/Analysis: Experiencing difficulties but can't pinpoint the problem? Ready to take your business to the next level but need to tackle some issues first? we provide an objective, third-party analysis on the current functioning of your organization. 

Strategic Planning: We help you create a living, breathing strategic plan that creates clarity and alignment with your team and drives execution. It will be understood by senior management all the way to front-line staff. The plan looks at your goals, your people, your processes and your cash-flow. 

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